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Bitcoin payment

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1 BTC = 10634.9037541
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You are going to buy a virtual credit card with $0.00 USD balance for $2.00 USD.

That is 0.00018806 bitcoins. ($2.00 USD)

Step #1: Send 0.00018806 bitcoins to address 19rzLExye6FdRph2XcYf8BUFjn9k73L8UG (QR code).

Step #2: Email your txid to support@vcc.royserpa.com.

Step #3: Order will be sent after 3 confirmations on the blockchain as well as within 30 minutes to 48 hours after the 3 confirmations.

Want to Buy Several Virtual Credit Cards?

Simply send as many payments, as many cards as you may need, of 0.00018806 to 19rzLExye6FdRph2XcYf8BUFjn9k73L8UG. Then simply send all txids to support@vcc.royserpa.com.

Bulk Discount!

If you buy more than 10 VCCs, you are awarded a 5% on the total! Simply, purchase as many cards as you may need and if you buy 11 or more cards, I will refund that 5% bonus in one of your btc addresses!
If you buy more than 30 cards at one time, you will be awarded a skype session where I will show you how to create ad accounts that will let you spend $10 for every $1 you actually spend on ads.
(Must buy more than 30 cards in a single transaction. Also, all cards participate in this promotion. You will also get your bulk discount with this promotion.)
Contact me for this promo!